Why All the Research on Milliennials?

Millennials are some of the most prolific online purchasers, with eight in ten buying a product online last month, according to GlobalWebIndex’s “Millennials” report, published in late 2016. Millennials purchase goods and services online mostly on PCs and laptops (73%), followed by mobile (55%) and tablets (24%), although purchasing on mobile is accelerating fastest, according to GWI.011617

05-millennial-device-impThe most popular categories of good purchased in the last six months are clothes (32%), shoes (24%), gifts (19%), books (17%) and snack foods (17%).

The Millennials report explores the attitudes and behaviours of Millennials online around the world. Millennials, have unique characteristics in the way
they access the Internet, on
which devices, the amount of time on which devices and which content. The report also chronicles the degree to which Millennials around the world are willing to pay for content,07-ad-block

and what they are willing to pay for. The report explores how Millennials as an age group lead the trend of ad-blocking usage. Millennials also lead all age groups in multitasking on multiple screens, social networking, messaging app engagement, and buying goods and services online. News Biz Blog will publish a collection of 17 data sets and analysis from the Millennials report, with permission, during the first quarter of 2017. For more information, go to www.globalwebindex.com. For more analysis on global digital media trends, go to World Newsmedia Network, www.wnmn.org, or and WNMN’s blog, http://www.NewsBizBlog.org 06-online-privacy

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